What is there in (and beyond) a map? What do we talk about when we talk of borders? How do we define territories?

Google maps and maps of wonderlands. Cartography and strategies of war. Mapping ideologies and pandemics, continents, countries and counties, languages and races. Never ending fights over borders and identities. Maps of perceptions and of ideologies. Few things change as fast as maps. How do maps change us?
Maps, Borders and Territories is a project organized in cooperation with IIC London and Edinburgh.
A series of 12 encounters, conversations, interviews, and lectures with journalists, writers, philosophers, scientists, and scholars who will present different approaches to how maps, borders and territories have become such distinctive and controversial aspects of our culture.
All the events will be held online via Zoom or Webex. Participation is free upon registration.

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Breakfast with Gina Miller, Co-Founder of the investment firm SCM Direct and the True and Fair Campaign

Thursday 12 November 2020

Web Breakfast on Zoom at 08.30-10.00 GMT

On the 12 November we have the honour of having as our speaker, Gina Miller, who is Co-Founder of SCM Direct, a modern digital wealth manager, founded on ethics, honesty, and integrity. Her expertise and areas of work cover investments, charities, democracy, and political processes. Gina Miller has also become best known for her victories in the two most significant British constitutional cases that challenged the UK Government on Article 50 and proroguing Parliament without Parliamentary approval. The theme for this talk is “Corporate governance and transparency, integrity in public and corporate life and the rule of law”

This invitation is open to members and friends of Business Club Italia. Please feel free to invite guests who might be interested in this event and in joining the Club. The meeting will begin at 8.30 (UK time), but it is advised that you log on by 08.20.


Please click on the following link to register, and you will receive a confirmatory email with the relevant Zoom link. We look forward to your participation.



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